The Best Type of Gutter System Revealed

It is hard, almost impossible to prevent your roof from leaking without a good gutter system. In other words, your gutter system will always determine how effectively your home will be protected from water damage. That is why you must learn or at least have a clue on the main types of gutters that are available. From there you can easily make the right choice as far as shopping for a gutter is concerned.

Half round gutters

They are been in use for several years. Their half structure makes it easy for them to direct water flow from the downspouts to the desired location. Since they are relatively shallow, they do not get clogged at all.  They are made of either copper or steel, which means that they can last for long. Unfortunately, half round gutters are costly. But if you can ignore the price factor, it is an investment that will certainly pay off in future.

Fascia gutter systems

They are just as popular as half round gutters. They feature drain channels that are fixed to a fascia board which is in turn fixed directly to the end of the roof rafter. Since the system does not require fasteners, they are easier and less costly in terms of maintenance. Unfortunately, they are prone to clogging and leaf debris as they are not as deep as their half round counterparts.

Vinyl fascia systems

They are popular, thanks to their affordable price tags and aesthetic appeal. They are strong in terms of resisting snow and debris pressure. The same cannot be said when it comes to resisting sunshine at high temperatures or pressure from a ladder.

Covered gutter systems

They are more or less like fascia models only that they have a top cover. The cover ends with a curved edge and covers the gutter almost to the edge of the outer walls. Heavy rainwater falls right inside the gutter while leave and debris fall down. In short, the cover works as a waterfall.


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